What Color Should I Paint My Car 3 Tips You Must Know

If you are wondering, “what color should I paint my car”, then you are not alone. Motorists have pondered this question since Henry Ford rolled the first Model T off of his assembly line. I found one site, , which helped me immensely when I was deciding what color I should paint my car. The following three tips were also borrowed from there.

The first tip for deciding what color I should paint my car was to look at various colors in different lighting conditions. I found that this could be done in a grocery store parking lot or while driving down the street. I kept a pen and paper handy in my car to jot down the makes, models, and colors of cars that caught my eye. I was able to minimize my time in the auto body and paint store as this made it quite simple for the clerk to find the specific color I was looking for. While there is a paint book with samples in it, these samples do not often reflect the actual color of the paint in sunlight.

Looking at magazines and going to car shows can also be helpful when you make your choice. The paint jobs you will see in magazines and shows will often be done by professionals. While at shows, it is a good idea to ask some of these car owners why they chose the color they did. This will give you useful insight that can be taken into account when deciding on a color for your project. You will also want to take into account resale value. The professional’s at auto shows will be the first to tell you that resale value is a paramount concern when choosing a color. It is mostly common sense, but be forewarned. If you choose a pastel green for your Chevy Camaro it will likely lower the resale value!

The final tip will be to choose the correct paint type for your specific project. If you want to paint a newer model car, then your project will likely require urethane paint. If you are painting a classic car or undertaking a restoration project, then you will need an acrylic lacquer or acrylic enamel. Make sure to use the same type of paint on the entire car. Basically, if you start with urethane you should use urethane on the entire project. Do not mix paint types when painting a car!

Well, there you have it. As promised, three tips that will help you choose an awesome color. For more detailed explanations of these tips, make sure to log on to .