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Go For The 2012 Buick Lacrosse For Saving Fuel And Getting High Performance

If you are looking for a great highway car, you can be assured that 2012 buick lacrosseis definitely the right option for you. It is a high performing sedan with hybrid 6 performance speed automatic, and there are many impressive features of this car. This is one of the greatest reasons for which it is considered to be good rear legroom, while at the same time; there are many safety features in the car that makes it so highly popular. You might be surprised to know that in terms of fuel economy, the car performs well.

There are many people who are of the belief that comfort and luxury cannot go well with fuel economy. However, 2012 buick lacrosseproves it to be wrong and by significantly pointing to the fact that comfort, spaciousness and luxury can also go well with the efficiency and economy of fuel. Being a sedan, it not only offers seating capacity for 5 comfortably, but at the same time, you can also be assured that the people sitting at the back can also enjoy the features of legroom that are quite similar to that of a limousine.

The sedan is of course attractive and it can also attain up to 36 mpg even on the highway, and this is the reason why the 2012 buick lacrosseis considered to be s different from that of the other models. There is a mild hybrid system that facilitates this feature, and this is the reason why it delivers such a high performance in the roads. This hybrid system is also known as eassist. When combined with this driving cycle, the performance gets further enhanced.

The pricing of the 2012 buick lacrosse hybrid eassist has been fixed in such a manner, so that it starts from $32, 440, and irrespective of this, it wonderfully competes against the rear wheel drive and powerful models that run on the roads. The hybrid system is also designed in such a manner, so that it can easily recapture the energy with the help of regenerative braking that has a lithium battery stored with it. The impressive design and features of 2012 buick lacrosse are absolutely impressive and outstanding that it easily attracts attention in the midst of the crowd. it also helps in saving fuel.