Understanding When To Replace Tires Is Critical

It may be easy to simply place a penny into the tread of your tire to determine the approximate time of replacing tires but it should not be taken lightly.

This particular penny method to determine tread depth test has been used for years and is widely known as a popular technique to determine a rough estimation of when to replace car tires. The way to determine this is to see if the tread wear falls below the top of the head of the face on the penny. If so, it is time to replace your vehicles’ tires for not just one, but all four of your rims.

The ability of a driver to adequately control their car really is dependent on the traction between the surface of the road and the tread of their tires. Contrary to popular believe, tires do not need fancy tread designs or even a lot of tread depth to provide adequate traction on dry road conditions. One good example of this is the ‘racing slicks’ utilized on stock cars and open-wheel race cars, for professional races, that supply capable traction when the vehicles’ travelling at speeds of 200 miles per hour or more. On the other hand, tires do need tread designs to create traction on wet or snow covered roads. Liquids cannot be compressed and depend upon time and energy to redirect them out of the way as the vehicles’ tires drive through them. If one used racing slicks during wet conditions they would lose traction at even at very slow speeds anytime something stopped them from maintaining proper contact with the asphalt.

Now the question arises of whether tread design is actually necessary to redirect water from between the tire tread and the road. A further thought is whether it will provide edges that grip into snowy conditions. However, that is only half the thought since we have already seen that tread depth also contributes to how well the design performs its job.

The air our tires’ confronts at extremely high highway speeds can easily be compressed and redirected away without too much difficulty. Howbeit, the same cannot be said for liquids. When water forms on the road surface after rainfall, the depth of the water, speed and weight of the vehicle, as well as the tread pattern and depth of the tires basically influences when and if the tires will hydroplane and how effectively they can bring a vehicle to a complete halt.

An average passenger car tire has about 25 square inches of total surface that contacts the road and starts with about 1/3 inch of tread depth. Even though the larger part of the contact surface is composed of the rubber that grasps the surface of the road, the remaining parts make up the spaces between the groove patterns which make up the tread design.

It is true that the tread will eventually wear out during the span of the life of the tires and the volume of its tread groove patterns will have greatly decreased thereby causing a need to replace the car tires. Albeit, this happens very slowly and may not be easily noticed on day by day basis, but eventually there will come a time when the driver will observe that their vehicle is providing less grip on snow covered roads and easily hydroplane on wet road conditions or simply fail to stop at shorter distances during rainy weather.

If you live in an area where it frequently rains or snows and wet or slick road conditions are a concern, you should really consider replacing tires when you notice that they are reaching about 5/32 inch of the overall remaining tread depth of the tires on your rims. Considering water is not easily compressed, your vehicle will require adequate tread depth to allow rain water to be redirected away via the grooves of your tires. If the water does not get redirected quickly enough, it will result in your vehicle hydroplaning on the surface of the water which will cause you to lose crucial traction and double the stopping distance for your vehicle.

Furthermore, for places where snowstorms are a common occurrence, one needs to contemplate the proper time to replace car tires which is when they reach about 5/32 inch of the remaining tread depth. Knowing when to replace tires in these types of weather conditions is critical to maintain good mobility or your car or truck. More tread depth is required in snow covered road conditions since the tires need to compact the snow into the grooves and eject them as they spin. If there is not enough depth left on the treads then only smaller chunks of snow are actually grabbed by the tires as opposed to taking larger chunks which increases the vehicles’ traction. That is why replacing tires when it is necessary greatly improves the handling of the vehicle and mobility will not be sacrificed.

Even though the thought of replacing tires before they are legally worn out does not seem to be the most conservative practice, it is much less costly than having to fix your car if it is not able to completely stop in an emergency situation, because you did not know when to replace the tires on your vehicle. Play it safe and check the tires on your rims frequently so that you can easily determine the correct time to replace the car tires and ensure the safety of your driving experience in all kinds of weather conditions.


Choose From Different Kinds Of Auto Glass Service

Automobiles have become an integral part of our life and their upkeep is necessary to keep them in line with our lifestyle. Owing to such growing needs, there are a lot of options available on auto products and services. One such need is of auto glass service as glass is one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle.

Let us understand the different kinds of such services available at our disposal and how we can use them in our favor.

Windshield replacement The windshield on your car is one of its most important parts when it comes to providing safety. There are a lot of different types of them available in the market and the most popular is the one with Plexiglas layer on it. As the windshield also keeps foreign particles and wind at bay it is important that it should be kept free from cracks and chips. Running a vehicle with a broken windshield can pose danger too because of blurred vision. Hence, it is imperative that you get the windshield replaced which iscan be done by almost every Auto glass service provider.

Windshield crackand chip Repair Crack and chip repair is one of the most sought after auto glass services. Many of the service providers can fix up to three chips or even one large crack of around six inches on the windshield. The turnaround time for this service is just 15-20 minutes and a lot of different fixing methods are employed for the same.

Vent and Back window repair Every type of window installed in your car has a purpose to it. So whether it is the back window or the vent it has to be in pristine condition in order for you to make the most of it. If the vent or the back window glass in your vehicle is damaged, you should find its repair listed in the Auto glass service offered by your dealer. You can also go for car window replacement in Dallas provided by many vendors.

Window Regulators and Motor replacement Window regulator in your car is responsible for its upward or downward motion. Other than this, power windows are regulated by a motor which again help in its movement. These parts can be duly fixed by an experienced auto glass service provider within minutes. Otherwise, you can also contact vendors who offer car window replacement in Dallas for window Regulators and Motor replacement.

So choose from these auto glass services for your vehicle and keep its glass and windows free from nicks, chips and cracks.


Select Best Used Car Parts

Normally used auto parts consist of car, trucks and other vehicles as well. There are plenty of websites available on the internet where one can buy used auto parts at very good deals. Many of do think that why should we buy a used auto part for my brand new car or truck? The answers is simple, if one can get the same quality in less bucks why spend extra on new ones!

What most firms do is they salvage on the parts they get from the junkyard fix them up properly before they put them up for selling purposes. For someone looking to start a used auto parts selling business, beginning with online shop is best because it is less expensive as compared to starting a business in normal market.

There number of cars produced every year especially in Australia and USA is huge, so it becomes quite difficult to recycle each and every part. Due to this the junkyard are full of unwanted auto parts. The used auto part market is filled with useless auto parts that people try to sell. So people looking for buying proper used auto part must be skilled enough to differentiate between useful parts and useless ones.

This has become a preferred business option for many people, they buy used automotive parts from junkyards at very affordable rates and then after fixing them up they are sold to the customers. This indicates that almost every salvage owner is interested in buying automotive parts which are in good working condition.

There are many varieties of used auto parts and their quality depends on various factors like its age, its material, the duration it has been used and amount of wear and tear. There are many gas stations in Australia where one can find used auto parts but the quality may not be that good. So if a person is looking for a good deal on quality used auto parts it’s always better option to buy online used car parts or from a salvage yard, they offer their customers with a variety of choices. For people who are car enthusiasts these online stores and salvage yards are best option because they can even get customized parts which will add up to the looks of their cars or trucks. The only thing one should take care of is to do a proper inspection of the shop and the used parts before buying them either online or from the real market.


Taking Care of Your Car's Windscreen Properly

The windscreen is one of the most delicate parts of a modern car, despite the fact that it’s usually made with durability and sturdiness in mind. It still requires a lot of careful attention during repairs and even cleaning jobs, and it’s never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the way a windscreen is built and how it works if you own a more expensive car. That way you’ll be able to avoid some common issues that may arise if your car is ever involved in an accident that requires a windscreen repair.

Even if it’s not about a repair, but a cosmetic fix-up like a tint job; you’ll still want to be crystal clear about what a windscreen requires in terms of quality service, and how to find the best company to work with as well. The first feature to look for, obviously, is that the company can work on modern cars and their special windscreens. This might sound a bit redundant as you’d expect that every company on the market for windscreen services is like that, but the truth is a bit different. If your car’s windscreen is a modern variant that features some strange, complex type of technology, you may find that not so many companies out there are willing to work on it.

Once you’ve found an appropriate company to do the job for you, you should also prepare your car accordingly. There are usually various things that you could do to make the vehicle more suitable for a windscreen repair or tinting job, and the company you’ve chosen to work with should be able to tell you all about that. Just listen to their advice and prepare the car accordingly, and make sure you let them know if there are any specific details about this car that they should know about before they get started (e.g. if you’re using custom-made windscreens).

If you’re tinting your windscreens, another thing to keep in mind is to obey your local laws and regulations. Most places have some limits to the amount of tint you can apply to your car’s windscreens, and this varies from one jurisdiction to another. So before you get started, make sure you familiarize yourself with your local laws and the restrictions they place on you. The windscreen tinting company you’ve chosen should be able to help you out on that if you’re feeling lost, as after all, they should be the ones that are most familiar with those regulations.

Don’t be in a rush! You should set aside some time for your window tinting job and contact the company to get it done once you feel your schedule has cleared up a bit. You shouldn’t rush them to complete the job faster, because that might compromise the quality of the final product a bit. And with window tinting, something that’s more or less permanent, you really don’t want to mess up the job. Once it’s done, you can enjoy your new tinted windows for a long, long time!


About Dedicated Automotive Diagnostic Tools For Luxury Cars

Basically speaking, there are several modules in the vehicle need the online programming during the maintenance and repair process of the vehicles: KEY ELV F BCM R BCM DME; other parts don’t need it. And, the auto diagnostic tool plays a vital role in the programming process, which now has become a must buy in the garage. Compared to the general auto diagnostic tools, the dedicated one is able to bring more stable diagnostic process and result, especially for the luxury vehicles. So, the followings are some detailed instructions to the dedicated automotive diagnostic tools.

MB Compact 4 is the dedicated auto diagnostic tool for the Mercedes Benz vehicles, which has a lot of new functions compared to the old XP-Star. The XP-Star is also called MB Compact 3, it supports the detection and diagnosis of all the MB vehicles produced after 1989. Although the MB C3 is still available in the garage, there is no doubt that the upgraded one BM Star C4 performs better. Why?BM Star C4 have a better, more powerful detection features, performance, and more excellent,security is also worth you to own one.

The MB C 4 is the upgraded version of the XP-Star car diagnostic tool for the MB vehicle diagnosis, and the new MB Star C4 offers many new functions in the original basis. Unlike the old XP-Star, the new MB Star Compact 4 supports the UDS diagnostic protocol in addition to the KL diagnosis and 3-line CAN BUS diagnosis, so that its hardware can be upgraded at any time. Besides, the wireless diagnosis of the MB C 4 is also available.

Since time is limited, there is more detailed information about the dedicated auto diagnostic tools like Porsche piwis tester 2 and BMW ICOM will be introduced in the next articles, if you want to know more about them, please follow the next articles. Or you can also visit this online shop to know more information about this auto diagnostic tool supplier, and then you may finally find out the device you want at a reasonable good performance, high quality.


Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Basic routine auto maintenance is something that many people put off until they break down, or the car refuses to start. But by keeping up with various tasks, you can head off problems at the pass, and avoid unnecessary and expensive trips to the car repair shop.

When maintaining a car, most people remember major things like changing the oil. This is a task that sounds major, but can be accomplished with a minimum of tools and equipment, in about an hour. But between oil changes, it’s a good idea to check the oil level periodically. This will ensure that if there is a leak, you catch it before it becomes a major problem. Also, some older vehicles burn a little oil, so if the level is down every time you check it, but not down very much (a quart every month or two or less), there is no cause for alarm. Just fill it back up.

Automatic transmission vehicles should have the transmission fluid levels checked regularly as well. The dipstick for this will look similar to the one used to check the oil, but will probably be longer, and have a tube instead of being just a hole on the engine. This fluid should be pinkish in color. If it is brown or smells burned, it might be time to get a transmission flush. If the level on the dipstick is low, add fluid.

Check the power steering reservoir. Unlike the oil level, a continual drop in power steering fluid almost always indicates a leak, and a leak is always problematic. If the fluid levels are down, fill it back up, and attempt to locate the leak or see a mechanic. A drop in power steering fluid will also normally be associated with increased difficult in turning the steering wheel.

The battery should be inspected when doing this cursory automotive exam. Wearing protective goggles, carefully pry the covers off the top of the battery with a flat-blade screwdriver. Peer into the three holes under each cap. Each hole will have a tab that protrudes downward toward the acid inside. If the level of acid is too low, the tab will not reach the top of the liquid. If the level is too low, the battery can lose power, possibly failing to start the car. Using pure distilled water, fill each port on the batter with an eyedropper or similar tool. Be careful not to get any dirt from the top of the battery inside it, and avoid touching the battery, battery acid of cables.


How To Paint and Install a Body Kit

I decided that it was best that I learn how to paint a car from start to finish and installing the body kit. This was due to the high prices of professional auto body stores and the fact that I enjoy learning about cars. Normally, my interest was reserved to how they drive and how fast they go, but I was intrigued at that thought of learning how their paint jobs are applied. I decided to do some net searching and came upon a number of do it yourself websites. The one that stood out amongst these was . Here’s an awesome video that shows how to paint and install a body kit!

When buying body kits you basically have 2 options.

1. Spend more and get a quality polyurethane kit so you have less body work.

2. Save on cash… get a Duraflex type of kit and do some body work and paint to getting looking like a quality kit.

Most fiberglass body kits are NOT perfect.

They have waves, thin spots, thick spots, and you really need to do a good job with your body work and prep stage if want to get it looking like a decent kit (and also have the girls impressed).

Have you seen some kids or grown men on the streets in their cars with a body kit on it, but when you look closer, you see waves, ripples, paint blemishes etc… and it just looks like crap?

That’s because all they did was prime it and paint it. And it came out looking like crap.

If you want the easy way, Polyurethane kits are the way to go. They are much more expensive but will save you the process in having to do a complete skim coat to remove all of the imperfections.

So, what did we did to the BMW 545i project?

We did (option 2.).

We got the cheap kit, customized it and made it look like a MILLION DOLLARS! and yep! again, we recorded the ENTIRE step-by-step process so YOU can C O P Y and apply the same techniques to your specific projet no matter if your doing this to your car, truck or bike!

And if you’re spending the extra bucks and getting a Polyurethane bodykit or a quality fiberglass kit like the Bomex body kit (made in Japan).