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Is Steering Wheel Control Available After Car Dvd Gps Player Installation

Is Steering Wheel Control Available After Car DVD GPS Player Installation

With the rapid development of automobile industry, now many cars have the steering wheel control in the original car radio player. When you want to replace the car radio with a multifunctional car DVD player, you need to figure out whether the steering wheel control could be used or not. What should you do?

Compared to the traditional steering wheel, there are some function keys on both sides or bottom of this multifunctional functional steering wheel, including the sound control, air-conditioning control, car phone, constant speed cruising control system and so on.

For drivers, the multifunction steering wheel is very practical. With it, the driver is able to directly control many electronic devices in the vehicle on the steering wheel. You don’t need to look for different kinds of button on the central control console. That makes you concentrate on looking straight ahead, increasing the driving safety to a great extent. Now this kind of steering wheel is mostly widely applied some mid and high end cars. Some new family and compact cars also adopt this multifunctional steering wheel. Even though most are limited to the sound control, it still provides a lot of convenience and fun on the driving.

Now many car owners prefer to install a multifunctional car DVD GPS player so that they will have more options of in-car entertainment. When you are choosing a car DVD player for your love vehicle, what should you do if you don’t want lose the steering wheel control function?

Firstly, you need to check that whether your original CD radio player has the can bus. If it doesn’t have can bus, you just need to connect the steering wheel control wire with the car DVD player, then set the steering wheel control to make it work. For some cars which do not have the can bus, it is easy to install a double din universal car DVD gps player and make the steering wheel control to work.

If your car has can-bus, you need to be careful about it. Some cars need the can-bus to make the steering wheel control work. For these cars, you need to install the car DVD with can-bus if you want to use the steering wheel control. There are many specially designed car DVD gps for the car, especially for the car with can bus. You do not need to set the steering wheel control for these cars, since the can bus is specialized for the car. However, for some cars with the can-bus, it’s possible that some of the steering wheel control function can not be compatible with the can bus 100%. That’s because the can bus is a little different in some countries. So you need to has a detailed search when you replace your car’s original radio system with a new double din DVD player.

Steering wheel control is very useful, which will bring the drivers much more convenience, as well as increase the driving safety to a great extent. So when you install a car multimedia DVD player to replace the original car radio CD player, it is really necessary to pay more attention to this function.