About Dedicated Automotive Diagnostic Tools For Luxury Cars

Basically speaking, there are several modules in the vehicle need the online programming during the maintenance and repair process of the vehicles: KEY ELV F BCM R BCM DME; other parts don’t need it. And, the auto diagnostic tool plays a vital role in the programming process, which now has become a must buy in the garage. Compared to the general auto diagnostic tools, the dedicated one is able to bring more stable diagnostic process and result, especially for the luxury vehicles. So, the followings are some detailed instructions to the dedicated automotive diagnostic tools.

MB Compact 4 is the dedicated auto diagnostic tool for the Mercedes Benz vehicles, which has a lot of new functions compared to the old XP-Star. The XP-Star is also called MB Compact 3, it supports the detection and diagnosis of all the MB vehicles produced after 1989. Although the MB C3 is still available in the garage, there is no doubt that the upgraded one BM Star C4 performs better. Why?BM Star C4 have a better, more powerful detection features, performance, and more excellent,security is also worth you to own one.

The MB C 4 is the upgraded version of the XP-Star car diagnostic tool for the MB vehicle diagnosis, and the new MB Star C4 offers many new functions in the original basis. Unlike the old XP-Star, the new MB Star Compact 4 supports the UDS diagnostic protocol in addition to the KL diagnosis and 3-line CAN BUS diagnosis, so that its hardware can be upgraded at any time. Besides, the wireless diagnosis of the MB C 4 is also available.

Since time is limited, there is more detailed information about the dedicated auto diagnostic tools like Porsche piwis tester 2 and BMW ICOM will be introduced in the next articles, if you want to know more about them, please follow the next articles. Or you can also visit this online shop to know more information about this auto diagnostic tool supplier, and then you may finally find out the device you want at a reasonable good performance, high quality.